Soft Milky Almond Fudge – Badam Barfi


Starting this blog with introducing you to one of the first recipes I learned to make, seems like the right thing to do. So here it is.

Of course it is a dessert. And of course it’s not only that. You can pretty much have it anytime you want and call it snack. That’s what I’d do anyway.


Although Badam Barfi is a classic pakistani/indian sweet, that is often enjoyed with chai, it reminds me of the children’s version of tea time, that is milk and cookies, which is why I think these fudge bars are a great treat to have at home for the whole family.


Not only does it have that instant milky-melt-in-your-mouth-flavour, it’s also soft and light, which gives the almonds enough space to add chewiness and texture to it.


Soft&chewy: killer combo, if you ask me.
Plus the cardamom takes it to a whole new level..!


If you love milk based sweets, you should definetely give this recipe a go. And if you’re new to the world of pakistani/indian desserts, I think making ‘badam barfi’ is a good way to start. It’s quick, it’s easy, and healthy on top!





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