Raspberry Ramen Rocky Road

Toasted peanuts and pistachios rocking white chocolate roads together with raspberries and instant ramen noodles.IMG_Raspberry-Ramen-Rocky-Road2

These rocky road bars probably don’t fall under the category: eyecandy, but if eyes had taste buds, they certainly would.
What started as a casual get-together of pantry pickings today, ended up being, what I’ll definetely be making more of!

And I’m not trying to talk up my kitchen melange here, these bars have got everything you’d need in a rocky road- sweetness from the chocolate, sourness from the berries, and saltiness from the nuts.
And to make it more evident that I was basically throwing random things together, I added in some ramen noodles too. because- why not? Although, I must admit, it doesn’t really add to the visual appeal. I like how it adds a medium crunch-level though, that goes well with the crunchier texture of the nuts and the softness of the raspberries, so that you get a range of different textures with each bite.
As for the berries, I went with frozen ones, because for the purpose of this recipe I find they work just as well as fresh berries and they’re a lot cheaper. And who am I to juxtapose student-budget-friendly ramen with a not so friendly berry, right? (Also, it’s what I had at home) Anyway, it’s probably better to use fresh raspberries, if you want a less “marbled” look.




150g raspberries
50g roasted peanuts
50g pistachios
400g white chocolate
100g instant ramen noodles, crushed


Line a baking tin with plastic wrap (this will make it easier to remove the mixture later-on).
In a bowl add the raspberries, roasted peanuts, pistachios and crushed ramen noodles.
Melt the white chocolate over a bain-marie, add to the bowl and mix well.
Spread out the mixture in the baking tin, press it in and cover with plastic wrap.
Let cool down and firm up in the refridgerator over night.
Remove from tin, remove plastic wrap and cut into squares or as desired .


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