Mocha Mint Mousse Cups

A French Classic with an Italian twist served in an -allegedly Chinese- ‘Fortune Cookie’ cup.

Best time to eat these? Probably After Eight. Or, simply serve as occasion serves.

While procrastinating once again on the world wide web yesterday, and following the usual path of youtube video recommendations, I came across this great easy fortune cookie recipe from ‘SORTED food‘, and I’m glad I did! I’ve been meaning to make fortune cookies for a while now, not because I long for their deep and meaningful horoscopic “wisdom” in particular, but because I somehow like their plain and basic taste. There’s a time and place for everything, and fancy flavours aren’t always on the top of my list.


Now, since I didn’t want any message inside my cookie, I decided to form it into a bowl and I ended up adding cocoa powder to the cookie batter, because I wanted to make a chocolate mousse as a filling, and I though a chocolaty shell would go better with it.
If you don’t like peppermint or mocha, just leave it out of the mousse, but I like that it gives the chocolate a richer flavour. Moreover, I wasn’t going to deny myself the possibility of another alliteration.




for the bowls:
100g all-purpose flour
150g powdered sugar
130g egg whites
60g melted butter
2 tsp cocoa powder

for the mousse:
200g bittersweet chocolate
6 egg whites
3 tbsp water
3 tsp peppermint sirup
1 tbsp instant coffe powder
25g rasped chocolate


to make the bowls:
Preheat the oven to 180° C.
Mix the flour and sugar together in a bowl.
Beat in the butter and egg whites.
Add the cocoa powder and mix until well combined.
Spread 3 circles with ~10-15cm in diameter onto a silicon mat with the back of a spoon, using 1-2 tsp of batter per circle. Make the circles as thin and even as you can.
Bake for 5-8 minutes, or until the circles are lightly browned and can be removed from the silicon mat in one piece. Meanwhile set up three glasses in reach and turn them upside down.
After baking, remove the circles from the mat quickly, place each one onto the back of a glass and gently pull the laterally protruding ends of the cookie down to form a bowl, then, let cool on the glass. Repeat with the remaining two circles. Be sure to work quickly, as the cookies will cool and set fast.

to make the mousse:
Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie together with the water, peppermint sirup and coffe powder.
Meanwhile, whip the egg whites with a mixer, until they form firm peaks.
Add the melted chocolate mixture to the egg whites, while Gently folding the mixture in.

for assembly:
Cut little parchment paper-circles about the size of the bottoms of the bowls.
Pipe the mousse onto the circles using a piping bag with a star tip and refridgerate for ~5 hours.
To serve, gently place the parchment paper-circles with the mousse into the bowl and sprinkle with rasped chocolate.

Piping the mousse directly onto the bowls and storing them in the fridge would make them very soft and lose their shape, plus the mousse would leak at the bottom, which is why cooling the mousse seperately is important.


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