Sujuk and Vegetable Hash


It’s finally Ramadan! And as far as food preperations during fasting hours go, I mainly like to stick to foods that don’t require any tasting during cooking, or that you can easily adjust sodium levels of, right after you have broken your fast and right before you are about to eat. With things like curries, where I feel like spices make or brake the flavour and where I usually just taste along the way to season according to preferance, I rather make the night ahead during this month. I’ve still got alot to learn before I’m able to perform these tasks whilst being gustatorically blindfolded. Like my mother, who only has a taste of the food, after she’s already cooked it. Go mom!

Anyway, while I’m in the process of learning, and -having never felt so unfunny before- trying to falsify that the limit of 1/x as x approaches Infinity is 0, x being an element of the set of my kitchenskills (yes, I actually love math), something like a quick hash comes in very handy.

For today’s version I combined some vegetables that already have great taste on their own-especially the potatoes- with sujuk, which is this delicious turkisch sausage. spiced with garlic, sumac, cumin and paprika. Moreover, it is quite salty too, which makes adding more salt in the end less necessary. Finally, deglazing everything with some soy sauce (also for saltiness) brings everything together nicely.

On that note, Ramadan Mubarak!



Simply hash up

3 medium sized potatoes
1 red onion
1 long green pepper
1 bell pepper
1 cup beef sujuk sausage
in a pan, together with:
vegetable oil
soy sauce


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