Seviyan Falooda & Eid Eats 2014


There are only a few days left until Eid! To me it’s the perfect final conclusion for the month of Ramadan, for which the whole family gets together. It’s a time, where love and togetherness are celebrated, and where just the whole spirit is utterly enchanting.
Thus, it’s always been one of the main highlight-events of the year in my family. And I’m eagerly awaiting this years’! Continue reading


Vegan Cig Köfte with Herbs de Provence


Something light and something fresh is always good to have during summer, init? If it’s healthy, easy to prepare and filling on top of that, it’s definitely my kinda warm weather food. Presenting to you this time: Cig Köfte

Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to this Turkish delicacy a few weeks ago, I have been droooling over them!
If you’re not familiar with them, “Cig Köfte” means “Raw Meatballs” in Turkish and they are these long fusiform meat”balls” that are shaped by pressing them in the hand, which is why they have characteristic finger indentations. I prefer making them spherical though, because it’s visually more appealing to me.
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Caramel Pretzel Donuts


In Germany, being surrounded with pretzels basically comes with the package. And, I have to say, thankfully so! Back in the day, pretzels were, what I’d often get at the school cafeteria for lunch and they still are amongst my favourite bakery picks. There is simply nothing like the smell of a freshly baked lye pretzel and biting into its beautifully browned crunchy exterior and soft inside.
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Sujuk and Vegetable Hash


It’s finally Ramadan! And as far as food preperations during fasting hours go, I mainly like to stick to foods that don’t require any tasting during cooking, or that you can easily adjust sodium levels of, right after you have broken your fast and right before you are about to eat. With things like curries, where I feel like spices make or brake the flavour and where I usually just taste along the way to season according to preferance, I rather make the night ahead during this month. I’ve still got alot to learn before I’m able to perform these tasks whilst being gustatorically blindfolded. Like my mother, who only has a taste of the food, after she’s already cooked it. Go mom!
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Mocha Mint Mousse Cups

A French Classic with an Italian twist served in an -allegedly Chinese- ‘Fortune Cookie’ cup.

Best time to eat these? Probably After Eight. Or, simply serve as occasion serves.

While procrastinating once again on the world wide web yesterday, and following the usual path of youtube video recommendations, I came across this great easy fortune cookie recipe from ‘SORTED food‘, and I’m glad I did!  Continue reading

Raspberry Ramen Rocky Road

Toasted peanuts and pistachios rocking white chocolate roads together with raspberries and instant ramen noodles.IMG_Raspberry-Ramen-Rocky-Road2

These rocky road bars probably don’t fall under the category: eyecandy, but if eyes had taste buds, they certainly would.
What started as a casual get-together of pantry pickings today, ended up being, what I’ll definetely be making more of!
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